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Kevin, Wexford.

Miriam has the unparalleled experience to assist you in asking yourself the perfect questions which allow you to articulate both your values and career priorities – she probes through the noise to unearth the succinct answers. Miriam worked on my approach in critical detail to develop my value add with perfect descriptions. I will be forever grateful – she asked the questions I was trying to avoid! I am now incredibly happy in my new job.

Edel, Galway

Miriam has been a fantastic Life Coach over the last few weeks. Coaching sessions were something totally new to me, and although we didn't know each other in advance, she created a very safe space and really put me at ease. I appreciate the time, energy, and effort Miriam put into each of our sessions. The sessions allowed me to explore certain areas of my life that I wanted to improve on and develop; discussing various areas with Miriam was so helpful, and she allowed me time and space on calls to explore various areas and ideas I had and come up with solutions, she was extremely patient! Miriam’s enthusiasm and positive attitude is infectious, and I could really feel it on every call; although sessions took place over Zoom and after a full day of work, I always felt energised, excited, and motivated about the changes I was going to make. Having an action plan helped me to focus on specific areas and achieve goals that had been set; when I made progress in areas, I had a real sense of achievement. I found the activities she suggested, such as the wheel of life, helpful. I now have a new perspective on certain areas, such as my daily routine, where I felt like I was in a repetitive cycle that wasn't serving me; these sessions really helped me to reflect, break the cycle and move forward. I enjoyed the way Miriam summarised our sessions; it was very helpful in giving a detailed overview of what had been achieved in each session; I think this is a real skill. I found Miriam very respectful and professional throughout. Thank you for everything!

Denise, Dublin

When my children were young, I spent several years as a full-time stay-at-home mum. Miriam coached me when I found the prospect of returning to the workforce overwhelming. After the career break, I lacked real direction and the level of confidence required to make the transition back to professional life. Miriam, who is approachable and insightful, listened and heard my concerns. She asked me relevant questions and offered sage advice and real solutions. With Miriam’s support, empathy, and encouragement, I returned to work successfully. Miriam remains a beacon – guiding me.