Miriam has been a fantastic Life Coach over the last few weeks. Coaching sessions were something totally new to me, and although we didn’t know each other in advance, she created a very safe space and really put me at ease. I appreciate the time, energy, and effort Miriam put into each of our sessions. The sessions allowed me to explore certain areas of my life that I wanted to improve on and develop; discussing various areas with Miriam was so helpful, and she allowed me time and space on calls to explore various areas and ideas I had and come up with solutions, she was extremely patient! Miriam’s enthusiasm and positive attitude is infectious, and I could really feel it on every call; although sessions took place over Zoom and after a full day of work, I always felt energised, excited, and motivated about the changes I was going to make. Having an action plan helped me to focus on specific areas and achieve goals that had been set; when I made progress in areas, I had a real sense of achievement. I found the activities she suggested, such as the wheel of life, helpful. I now have a new perspective on certain areas, such as my daily routine, where I felt like I was in a repetitive cycle that wasn’t serving me; these sessions really helped me to reflect, break the cycle and move forward. I enjoyed the way Miriam summarised our sessions; it was very helpful in giving a detailed overview of what had been achieved in each session; I think this is a real skill. I found Miriam very respectful and professional throughout. Thank you for everything!